This beautiful fall Marble Colorado Intimate Wedding is how all weddings should be. The last time I saw Carissa and Chris, I shot their engagement session in my favorite location in Colorado. Carissa and Chris opted out of a large wedding headache to invite only their family and closest friends to their event. These two searched out for the perfect location in the mountains of Colorado. What lies in the beautiful town of Marble, Colorado, is a vacation cabin with incredible views of the mountain range that surrounds the town. This is where Carissa and Chris would hold their intimate wedding.

When these two arrived in Marble the day prior, they searched the area for the best photography locations. I personally have never been to Marble (pop 138), never mind photographed a wedding there, so I was blind coming in. As I arrived into the town, the beautiful fall colors and the mountain peaks really got me excited of what was to come.

To start their day, the first look took place in the atrium on the side of the home. With sun shining into the glass room, Carissa and Chris saw each other for the first time on their wedding day. These first look moments are special and should be done at every wedding.

After the conclusion of the first look, Carissa and Chris took me up to some areas they thought would be great for photos. Every part of Marble they brought me to, couldn’t have been anymore perfect. From the dirt road surrounded by aspens, to the river bank in town to the lake that nestled at the base of the mountain range. The three of us spent a good 2 hours capturing them two before their ceremony would begin.

Before the ceremony could begin, we waited until the sun was in perfect position. This is the advantage of a smaller wedding. Yes, there is a timeline, but that timeline can be loose. As the sun began to set, the ceremony would now begin. As Carissa and Chris stood under the wooden arch that they built, they would express their love to each other. Their handwritten vows were read, and the first kiss was had. They are now officially married!

While the dinner was being prepared by family, the three of us took advantage of the gorgeous light. We hiked up to the top of the hill behind the cabin to capture the mountains that surrounded us. With the leaves just starting to change, it really gave off that fall feeling that they were looking for.

As the evening started, the sun went behind the mountains and dinner was served. Everyone sat at one table overlooking the scenery and enjoying conversations. Champagne was poured and the toast by Chris’ brother came before the cutting of the cake. The cutting of the cake was the last ‘formality’ of the night. Under the stars and the lights that lit up the deck, Carissa and Chris would feed each other a little bite of the cake.

As I look back on their Marble Colorado Intimate Wedding, it reminds me how lucky I am to be able to capture some incredible moments. Their wedding was perfect in every way. Intimate, beautiful, perfection. Congratulations to you both!