Iceland Elopement

Beverly was a friend of mine back home in Hampshire whom I haven't seen in person for over a decade. With social media, we have stayed friends while we lived across the country from each other. "Liking posts", wishing happy birthdays and commenting snarky posts is how our communication has gone over the years.

Beverly reached out to me while I was sitting back, retired from photography, and asked if I would come out of retirement to do one more shoot.....her elopement in Iceland. Of course this is something I would want to do.

I planned out there day, the locations we would shoot, where to stay, what to see, etc. As we got closer to the date I dusted off the cameras and packed my bag of gear. I was a little nervous as it has been over 2 years since the last time I shot anything, let alone an elopement.

That Thursday early morning meeting Beverly and Erik at the Skogafoss parking lot, it was like no time had passed. My nervousness of not shooting had long been gone, and we started our day with a shot.

From cliffs, to waterfalls, to hiking into canyons and standing on glaciers, it couldn't have been anymore amazing.

Congratulations to you both Beverly and Erik. I loved nothing more than spending the day with you both, exploring locations and catching up like old times. I look forward to hanging out with you both again. Thank you for choosing me as your photographer.

Here is a little peek into their day....