Brittany and Ryan got married in a coffee shop in Seattle right before heading out for their Iceland Adventure Elopement. We have been planning this trip for months prior to their arrival in Iceland.

The three of us set 3 different days for their session in the event of extreme weather. On the day of their shoot, which happened to be the best of the three days, we met up at sunrise at the magnificent Skogafoss Waterfall.

From first meeting, we ventured off to a smaller, lesser known, but equally amazing waterfall right near Skogafoss. For the better part of an hour we explored the area, viewed the scenery around us and captured some incredible moments.

Even though we chose the better of the three days we set aside, wind and rain was still in the forecast. As we ventured west to a few other locations, the weather started to hit. The rain came and the wind picked up. This didn’t stop is from enjoying everything Iceland has to offer. From caves to cliffs, the better part of the morning was amazing.

After lunch and as the afternoon came, we made the trek out to a location that I stumbled upon the days leading up to their session. I called this location Mars. The landscape, the rocks and the black sand reminded my of another world. As we arrived at ‘Mars’ the wind was insane. The temperature had dropped and the wind whipped through the air.

With no tourists or locals in sight, we had the place to ourselves. With increments of photographing and running back to the car to get warm, this is where we would finish our session. Brittany and Ryan were complete rockstars. From wind and rain and a camera in their face, we had one hell of an adventure.

Congratulations to you both Brittany and Ryan! Here is a little peek into their Iceland Adventure Elopement…enjoy!