Jamie & Caitlin are two beautiful souls who scrapped the headache of a large wedding and decided to go on an adventure and have a Faro Portugal Elopement.

I received and email about 18 months from Jamie, who expressed they wanted something different. These two didn’t want a large wedding. Instead, they opted for an adventure elopement with their closest friends and family.

I offer an adventure package called PASSPORT. This PASSPORT program offers couples a once in a lifetime experience for those who want something different than a ‘standard’ wedding. With multiple location options to choose from, Jamie and Caitlin picked Portugal.

We chose Faro, Portugal as the main location where we would be shooting. The rugged cliffs, warm weather and unreal sunsets, give you everything you can ask for in an elopement.

The day prior to Jamie and Caitlins elopement, we still didn’t have an exact location on where we would hold the ceremony. I spent the day scouting out areas, hoping for something private. As I hiked around the cliffs outside of town, I came up upon a beach (Paradise Beach) with a little inlet that would be perfect for them. It was private with all the tourists at a neighboring swimming beach.


As their wedding day began, I knew how amazing it would be. Everyone was relaxed and enjoying everything Portugal has to offer. Before the getting ready began, music was playing, dancing was had and conversations filled the air.

The first look was special. With Jamie and Caitlins backs to each other, Caitlin sang Jamie a beautiful song. Tears started to fall as their guests watched from afar. As they turned to each other, you knew at that exact moment how much this day meant to them.

With three car loads of people, we headed down to Paradise Beach. The ceremony began and the vows were read. Tears streamed down Caitlins face as she expressed her love to Jamie. Out of all the ceremonies I have photographed, this by far was one of the most beautiful moments I have witnessed. The first kiss was had and the claps from the guests echoed on the beach.

To finish up the evening, we spent time exploring the rugged cliffs capturing the love that Jamie and Caitlin share. The sun started to set and the most beautiful pink sky shined above us. This Faro Portugal Elopement couldn’t have been anymore perfect. The perfect weather, the perfect location and the perfect couple.

Congratulations to you both, Jamie and Caitlin….enjoy!