A Colorado vibe is what Karen and Liam wanted for their Estes Park Engagement Session. I think we absolutely delivered.

Even though these two reside in Colorado, they will be hosting their event in beautiful Oregon. Karen found me through a mutual college friend who has booked me for their future PNW wedding as well. “Once I saw your Instagram I knew you were the photographer,” stated Karen.

As we started planning Karen and Liam’s session, we brainstormed some locations and ideas that they were envisioning. Mountains & Colorado is what these two wanted. Where is a better place to get that experience than Estes Park?

The three of us meet in town before venturing off to get those mountain views. We explored multiple locations that I know of just outside of Estes Park. The sun went away and clouds covered the sky. This made for beautiful lighting for their Estes Park Engagement Session.

Here is a little peek into Karen and Liam’s Estes Park Engagement Session. Enjoy…