Micaela 2016 Senior Rep | Fort Collins Senior Photographer

Micaela || 2016 Rocky Mountain High School Senior

Fort Collins, Colorado

Speaking with Micaela prior to her session and getting know her likes and dislikes, we chose Downtown Denver as our location to shoot. Her attitude, her look, her mannerisms fit the hustle + bustle of Denver perfectly. Micaela, you are absolutely beautiful!

Get to Know Micaela

Q. What High School are you attending + what is your expected graduation date?

A. Rocky Mountain High School, Fort Collins. My graduation date is Spring 2016.

Q. What colleges are you interested in?

A. Right now, I am looking at Colorado State, University of Northern Colorado & University of Colorado

Q.What major do you want to pursue in college?

A. I would like to major in business as well as early education

Q. What clubs and or sports teams are you affiliated with in school?

A. I am in the DECA and FBLA. Both of these are business clubs in which they are competitions involving several different entrepreneur skills. 

Q. What's on your iPod (top 5 songs or artists)

A.  (1) Jon Bellion- Ooh Ft. Christianne Jensen
    (2) Skizzy Mars- The City (feat. Phoebe Ryan)
    (3) Grieves- Bloody Poetry
    (4) Kid Cudi- Alive (Nightmare) Ft. Ratatat
    (5) Logic- Driving Ms Daisy (feat. Childish Gambino

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